Advancing Heritage Preservation—Insights from the TRIQUETRA Project

We are pleased to share the publication of an important journal article titled “Safeguarding Our Heritage—The TRIQUETRA Project Approach” on the MDPI platform. This article offers key insights into the progress of the TRIQUETRA project, a European initiative focused on addressing climate change risks and natural hazards affecting Cultural Heritage (CH).

The TRIQUETRA project introduces a practical technological toolbox and methodological framework designed to effectively tackle the challenges posed by climate change and natural hazards. Its main goal is to establish an evidence-based assessment platform for precise risk stratification, complemented by a comprehensive database of mitigation measures and strategies. This platform serves as a Decision Support System (DSS), providing valuable insights for efficient risk mitigation and site remediation.

The collaboration among diverse experts, including university research groups, research institutes, public entities, and small to medium-sized enterprises, underscores the interdisciplinary nature of the TRIQUETRA project. The recently published journal article outlines TRIQUETRA’s overall methodology and shares preliminary results related to risk identification, the project’s knowledge base, and the development of novel sensors and coatings.

Read the full article here.

Stay tuned for more updates for TRIQUETRA project

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