TRIQUETRA featured on European Commission’s list of Innovative Cultural Heritage projects

We are delighted to share some news for the TRIQUETRA project. Recently, our endeavors have been featured in the “Driving a Green, Digital & Innovative European Cultural Heritage” booklet, a comprehensive publication that celebrates and showcases initiatives in the cultural sector.

Exploring the Booklet: “Driving a Green, Digital & Innovative European Cultural Heritage”

The recently published booklet depicting a wealth of knowledge and insights, emphasizing the transformative impact of green, digital, and innovative practices in European cultural heritage. You can delve into the pages of this publication, where TRIQUETRA proudly stands among other noteworthy projects such as MOXY, GoGREEN, GREENART, RescueME, and THETIDA. As of its creation in July 2023, these projects were recognized for their commitment to shaping a sustainable and innovative cultural landscape.

To explore the full publication, click here

TRIQUETRA’s Presence on Creatives Unite Platform

In addition to the booklet feature, TRIQUETRA has gained recognition on the “Creatives Unite” platform—a dynamic source of information for the cultural sector. An insightful article has been published, shedding light on the distinctive aspects of our project. This article provides a closer look at TRIQUETRA’s contributions to the overarching goals of driving sustainability, digital advancements, and innovation within European cultural heritage.

Read the article on Creatives Unite here.

Stay tuned for more Triquetra news!

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