Triquetra Project Review: March 14, 2024

On March 14, 2024, the Triquetra Project underwent the first review meeting via telecommunication. Led by project coordinator Prof. Charalampos Ioannides and assisted by project officer Dr. Athanasios Gerakis, the session saw all partners presenting the project’s progress over the initial twelve months.

Partners highlighted achievements and milestones, addressing challenges encountered along the way. Dr. Gerakis played a pivotal role in guiding discussions and formulating future strategies. The reviewers, Dr. Marvin Ravan and Dr. Martin Cernansky gave useful insight and comments for the continuation of the project.

Looking forward, the meeting set ambitious yet achievable goals for the project’s next phases, emphasizing continued collaboration and innovation.

In summary, the March 14 review marked a significant step in Triquetra’s journey, fostering collaboration and setting the stage for future success.

For more please stay tuned

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