Conclusion of 1st Plenary of TRIQUETRA Project Marks Significant Progress and Future Programming

The highly anticipated plenary of the TRIQUETRA project was successfully concluded on Monday 19th of June through a telecommunication platform. The event served as a milestone for the project, as participants presented the progress made in all project tasks and collectively programmed the next steps towards achieving the project’s ambitious goals.

TRIQUETRA, a collaborative venture between esteemed partners from academia, industry, and research institutes, aims to create a toolbox for assessing and mitigating Climate Change risks and natural hazards threatening cultural heritage. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies and multidisciplinary expertise, TRIQUETRA strives to push the boundaries of innovation and create transformative solutions to create an evidence-based assessment platform that allows precise risk stratification and also creates a database of available mitigation measures and strategies.

During the 1st Plenary, held virtually on the 19th of June, participants from diverse backgrounds, including renowned scientists, engineers, and industry leaders, congregated to share and discuss the advancements made across all project tasks. The presentations highlighted significant achievements, breakthroughs, and noteworthy findings, showcasing the collective dedication and expertise of the TRIQUETRA project team.

The plenary served as a platform for open discussions, knowledge sharing, and fruitful collaborations. Participants engaged in insightful exchanges, offering diverse perspectives and constructive feedback to further enhance the project’s trajectory.

The success of the 1st Plenary marks a significant stride forward for the TRIQUETRA project, bringing its vision closer to reality. As the project continues to unravel new possibilities and forge ahead, the world eagerly anticipates the transformative solutions that will arise from this pioneering collaboration.

By clicking here you can find the detailed agenda of the Triquetra 1st Plenary meeting

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