TRIQUETRA Project: Witnessing History Unfolded

DLR’s TRIQUETRA project took center stage, captivating the audience with its groundbreaking approach to underwater archaeology at German UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Day. The event took place on April 6, 2023, at Roseninsel a TRIQUETRA project pilot case, and the visitors had the chance to see the poster of the project as well as project’s objectives and goals in a truly remarkable event, filled with awe-inspiring discoveries and insightful presentations.

Utilizing the remarkable robotic surface vehicle, LimnoVIS, DLR was able to project a live video stream from an underwater camera onto a large screen at Roseninsel. This technological marvel allowed visitors to witness firsthand the remnants of the entirely submerged pile dwellings. The mesmerizing visuals transported us back in time, revealing the hidden treasures of our cultural heritage.

Moreover, DLR’s compact bathymetric mapping vehicle, La Plancha, showcased its impressive capabilities during the event. Visitors were introduced to the cutting-edge technology behind comprehensive mapping and exploration of submerged landscapes. The experts from DLR shared their valuable insights, shedding light on the scientific research and technological advancements that make such endeavors possible.

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