2nd In-situ Plenary Meeting in Munich

The TRIQUETRA project recently marked a significant milestone with the successful completion of our second plenary held in Munich. On December 7, esteemed partners from diverse backgrounds convened for an enriching and impactful gathering, with some partners participating online and others joining us in person, fostering a dynamic environment for collaboration. Moreover on December 8 within the framework of the second plenary, an excursion in Roseninsel took place.

The first day of the plenary was dedicated to an exchange of insights and advancements across the various Work Packages (WPs). In the beginning the meeting, Dr. Jochen Haberstroh, Deputy Head of Archaeological Heritage Protection of BLFD, extended a gracious welcome, setting the tone for an engaging and productive event. In continuation of the meeting, partners took the stage both in person and virtually to showcase the progress achieved during the last. These presentations unveiled groundbreaking developments and notable findings, offering a comprehensive overview of the project’s progress.

Spanning two eventful days, the plenary served as a platform for progress reports, strategic planning, and engaging discussions. Additionally, the second day offered an immersive excursion to Roseninsel, featuring visits to historically significant sites:

-Buchendorf: Exploring the well-preserved Late Celtic square enclosure alongside the Roman road Augsburg-Salzburg.

-Feldafing, Wittelsbach Park: Gaining insights into the picturesque Lake Starnberg and the nearby Roseninsel.

-Andechs Monastery and Baroque Pilgrimage Church: A journey into architectural marvels and spiritual heritage.

The plenary witnessed a convergence of expertise, where in-person and online partners contributed valuable insights and perspectives. The presentations and discussions showcased the collective dedication driving the TRIQUETRA project, underscoring our commitment to mitigating Climate Change risks for cultural heritage.

Stay tuned for further updates as TRIQUETRA continues its journey, driven by innovation and collaborative expertise.

By clicking here you can find the detailed agenda of the Triquetra 2nd Plenary meeting.

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