Triquetra Participates in EMRA 2024: Showcasing Innovations in Marine Robotics

Τriquetra is proud to announce its participation in the EMRA 2024 workshop, hosted by the Institute of Marine Engineering of the Italian National Research Council (INM-CNR) from 27th to 29th May 2024. Celebrating the tenth anniversary of this event, EMRA 2024 creates a dynamic platform for professionals in the field of marine robotics and applications. Under the umbrella of EU projects like MONUSEN, MAELSTROM, UWIN-LABUST, SeaTecHub, FAITH, and DIH InnovaMARE, the workshop will feature an agenda with 24 project presentations, engaging discussions, and ample networking opportunities. Triquetra will contribute to this interdisciplinary gathering by presenting the latest advancements and innovations of the project, furthering the goals of EU-funded marine robotics initiatives.

This event is an excellent opportunity for the project to disseminate its goals and objectives, specifically within the realm of remote sensing technologies. The Triquetra project aims to foster new collaborations and enhance its existing partnerships with professionals involved in parallel EU projects.

For more details on the event and a list of participants, please visit the EMRA’24 website.

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